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Who Knows Washington?

October 12, 2008

Other than AO and the coach of the year Bruce Boudreau winning coach of the year, I know very little about this team.

Oh ya, and this is the team Nylander scorned Edmonton to join. 

Anyways, check out this blog from A View From the Cheap Seats.  The most current post is a preview of the Chicago game, but at the end of it he has a section titled Take A Drink If that is very telling of the issues Washington is facing on and off the ice.

A Caps Nut mentions in his post game review of Saturday’s tilt with Chicago that they seem to have slow starts to games.  Maybe the Canucks can take advantage their, along with some of their other blemishes including a poor power play and risky cross ice passes.

And you can’t take a trip to Washington without checking out Ted Leonsis Blog, one of the few owners in the league that actually gets it.

The Chief Canuck



October 11, 2008

451 goals.

Okay, it’s not going to happen, we all know that.

With all the good going on with the team after two games, let’s temper that a bit with some things that need work.


Edler Extended

October 10, 2008

The new core.

That’s the statement Gillis is making with this signing.  Edler is now signed out 2 years further than ANY other Canuck player.  He obviously not only believes in him, but in building a team that can be together for years to come. 

And while some had dreams of it being at a price of $2.5m per, I believe that Gillis did a good job with 4 years at $3.25m per.  Consider that his upside is greater than that of Bieksa who’s jumping into his $3.75m 3 year contract this year.  We are going to have Edler here for at least 5 more years.


Secondary Scoring 2008/09 Season

October 8, 2008

The 2006/07 marked a dramatic shift for the Vancouver Canucks.  Gone was the West Coast Express and the puck moving Jovo Cop.  In came Marc Chouinard and Willie Mitchell, defensive hounds from the defense factory Minnesota Wild.  And a coach with a goal of playing defense first hockey.

Plus one Mr. Roberto Luongo.  All the hopes had been pinned on him and he came through.  While the scoring was down, few questioned the program because they suddenly started winning near Xmas that year.  Goals were tough to come by, but secondary scoring was coming through from an extremely strong back end.


A Competitive Camp 2008

October 7, 2008

Jason Krog – signed to a one way deal
Jeff Cowan – on a one way deal
Matt Pettinger – on a one way deal

Not one of them made the team.  What does that tell you.

GM Mike Gillis wanted a competitive camp, and wanted guys to work for their jobs.  But more than that, he’s shown he’s willing to pay these guys big bucks to play in the minors.  And with them keeping guys on two-way deals, it tells you that money is not the issue at hand, but rather, that he is going to keep the best player on the main roster and you’re going to need to work for you spot.