A Competitive Camp 2008

Jason Krog – signed to a one way deal
Jeff Cowan – on a one way deal
Matt Pettinger – on a one way deal

Not one of them made the team.  What does that tell you.

GM Mike Gillis wanted a competitive camp, and wanted guys to work for their jobs.  But more than that, he’s shown he’s willing to pay these guys big bucks to play in the minors.  And with them keeping guys on two-way deals, it tells you that money is not the issue at hand, but rather, that he is going to keep the best player on the main roster and you’re going to need to work for you spot. 

And if you work, you’ll be rewarded.

Rewarded this year:

Mason Raymond– Looks like a fixture on the second line, finding great chemistry with Demitra early on.
Jannik Hanson– Has found a fit on the third line with the pair, Kesler & Burrows. 
Steve Bernier– Met expectations and is making a great fit on the first line with the Sedins.
Kyle Wellwood– I don’t know where he fits (neither does Vigneault for that matter), but he still was picking up an assist or shoot-out goal every game he played.  What more do you need?
Rick Rypien– He’s always been a Vigneault favourite, and looks like he finally made it.
Cody Hodgson– He’s not on the team, but the Canucks did sign him to an entry level contract from which he’ll get paid out some bonus money which means he’ll have a lot more money in junior hockey that most of his teammates earning $75/week.

And we haven’t even started talking about the defense where Nycholet has impressed early on. 

A great competitive camp has left some on the outside looking in, but it’s produced a team that we can actually get cautiously excited about for the first time since before the lockout.

The Chief Canuck

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