451 goals.

Okay, it’s not going to happen, we all know that.

With all the good going on with the team after two games, let’s temper that a bit with some things that need work.

Power Play
The only good thing about the Canucks power play is that it’s better than Calgary’s.  They went 0-15 or something in their two games against us.  But the Canucks only had one, so that’s not much to jump around about.  They’ll work on it, but a couple things need to change. 

First, DON’T PUT WILLIE MITCHEL OUT ON THE POINT.  What is Vigneault thinking here. 

Second, get Bernier down low on the left side across from the Sedins.  Put him where Carter scored all those goals back in ’06.

Get a new formation for the second unit.  In fact that leads me to the other alarming factor.  The second line.

Secondary Scoring
It should come from your second line.  But to date, our second line has combined for 2 points, while the 3rd line has combined for 7 points in 2 games.  Let’s be clear, they need to get it going, but Vigneault needs to ensure to keep these guys together long enough to give them a real change of getting it right.  now’s the time to let them work out their kinks while it’s still early in the season.  The points matter just as much, but when the rest of the team is picking up the slack, work with them to get them going.

Vigneault has a habit of playing rotating line mates, and that is not a formula for sucuss, but rather frustration for the players.

On a closing note, the photo below is my favourite image from the game tonight.  It’s Demitra’s first goal as a Canuck.


The Chief Canuck

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