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Jr. Tournament Notes

January 7, 2009

It’s always fun to see international hockey in play.

Did anyone else notice the change in the clocks for the Junior Tournament?  International hockey used to always count up, while the NHL and North American Leagues would count from 20:00 down to 0:00.  But in this tournament that seems to have changed and they are counting down.  I LOVE that change as it always… I mean always caused me some confusion.

Like when you watch an NHL game on TV from Edmonton.  They play is all backwards because the cameras face the penalty boxes and not the benches like they do in EVERY OTHER ARENA!  Somebody help this team get a new stadium, please.

Back to International Rules, I particularly liked the no-touch icing rule.  I know that the NHL execs like the exciting chase for the puck, but the game seems to go quicker when they just blow it dead.  They quickly regroup and get the puck dropped again.  In the NHL, they take their sweet time as they don’t get a line change (which I also like), and get some rest though.  Put in the no touch icing and speed up the game.  The team causing the icing will also get less of a break and become more of an advantage for the offense.

No fighing.  I’m going to talk a lot more about this in the future, but the best games played don’t have fights.  Playoffs.  Elimination Tournaments.  Amazing, with little to no fighting.  Do we really need it?  So much involved in this type of thinking and changes.  It CANNOT be done in isolation like the instigator penalty had been done.  In fact, it has to be done in connection with that rule, plus the visor (starting a fight) rule, hits to the head, etc.  IT ALL NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT!

Whistle blows when the goalie is plunked in the head with the puck.  This is all about protecting the players.  See above comments on this.  Not that the NHL needs to do this, but they do need to do more to protect the players from themselves.  Consider EVERYTHING.

The Chief Canuck