Trade Deadline 2009

Trades I’d Like to See


Ian Laperriere – This guy is tough, full of grit, and can pop in a goal or two.  This scrappy competitor is exactly the kind of depth guy you want for a playoff run.  And Colorado is a known seller this year. 


Jay Bouwmeester – A UFA, but this deal could work if they can convince him to sign a long-term deal as part of this transaction.  It’s been rumoured he wants to come back to Western Canada, making Vancouver, Calgary, & Edmonton ideal trading partners.  With Ohlund likely leaving town next year, Vancouver could be looking for some firepower and muscle on the backend.


James Van Riemsdyk – Philadelphia hasn’t been able to solidify their goaltending since missing out on Curtis Joseph in the late 90’s.  While Van Riemskyk has been rumoured in a deal with Atlanta for Kari Lehtonen, I think a better long-term deal for Philly would be to trade him to the Canucks for Cory Schneider.  It would fill a need for both teams in the coming years.


Marian Gaborik – The problem here is that Risebrough wont’ give him up cheap.  Gaborik has played only six games this year and before that averaged only 63 games per year since the lockout.  He’s a game changer, but not a guy you want to lock up long-term due to his band-aid boy status.  If the price is right though, I’m just thinking the price will be too high.



Other Potential Trades


Chris Neil – A UFA at the end of the year, Neil also has that grit factor wanted for a playoff run.  He’ll be gone at the end of the year, but could be a nice addition if Laperriere doesn’t pan out.


Nik Antropov – Another UFA at the end of the year, Antropov has been linked to Vancouver in rumour mills all winter.  But the price is extremely high for this guy and I just don’t see it happening.  Gillis won’t give up a first rounder and I’m pretty sure there are other teams desperate enough to do just that.

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4 Comments on “Trade Deadline 2009”

  1. Simon Says:

    Assuming the criteria for “character hires” remains consistent… what do we know about the character of these players?

  2. yaletowndad Says:

    At least we were able to lock down Burrows for 4 years at a great price, now the need for free agents is reduced by one.

    There’s very little I am interested in as for rental players, unless we could lock up Bouwmeester for at least 2 seasons. He’d be a great Ohlund replacement.

  3. Good thing JBouw didn’t end up in Vancouver.

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