About The Chief

I was born and raised in Gibsons, BC, on the Sunshine Coast.  As a child and through my youth, I attended many sporting events with my father in Vancouver, including the Whitecaps, Lions, and Canucks, despite the fact they were a ferry ride away.

I clearly remember the excitement of the unlikely Canucks drive to the Stanley cup finals in 1982.  King Richard and Tony Tanti were by far my favourite players of that era.  Despite the many ups and downs, I have always been a fan of the team.  I still recall waking up in the morning and running upstairs where my dad had written down the final score of a hockey game for me as a kid.

I’m joining the Blog world because I’m a fan of hockey, and more specifically a fan of the Canucks.  I seem to always have an opinion on what’s happening and its not necessarily the one shared by many other faithful Canucks fans.

That said, I needed an avenue to voice my opinions and my good friend set me up with my own Weblog for the world to see.  The blog name is a take on the fact they call me The Chief (and no, I didn’t give myself the nickname!).

So, here is it, my blog where you can get a fresh look on the Vancouver Canucks.  Even with no games on, you’ll find lots of content here for you to get your hockey fix.

The Chief Canuck


6 Comments on “About The Chief”

  1. DaveO Says:

    Hail to The Chief!

    Just a note that i found just your site via Canucks Nation (can’t believe it took me so long!) and added a link from Canucks Outsider podcast.

    A note to folks who don’t know … The Chief’s hometown of Gibsons is famous throughout Canada as the home of the BeachCombers – a classic TV series (think Northern Exposure on a budget and without the pretension and schmaltz) featuring Bruno Gerussi and his famous medallion.

    Go Nucks!

  2. A note to those folks that don’t know… ‘Hail to the Chief’ is what they used to say to Johnny Bucyk who shares the nickname with me ‘The Chief’

    The all time leading left wing scorer (until Luc Robaitaille passed him in 2004) for the Boston Bruins, Bucyk played over 1,400 games for the Boston Bruins, winning two cups with them in 1970 & 1972.

    The Chief Canuck

  3. kevink Says:

    Love your blog.

    Let me know if you’re interested in doing some blogging for the Canucks.

  4. LennyG Says:

    Hi there,

    i’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have started a hockey blog myself. http://blogofpucks.blogspot.com/

    I was hoping you could add me to your links and i could do the same on my page.

    I’d also appreciate any feedback if you have any,



  5. jamie Says:


    I would like to invite you to join the new http://www.canucks.com/fanzone
    A directory of the best of Canucks Fans websites, podcasts and more.
    Please email me if you would like to be included in our directory.



  6. Nick Rockel Says:

    Dear Chief Canuck,

    I’m helping organize Vancouver’s first annual Hockey for the Homeless tournament, which takes place at UBC on February 20. In this charity event, Kirk McLean, Cliff Ronning and other ex-Canucks will play with members of the local business community. How can I send you a press release?

    All the best,
    Nick Rockel

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